Why Book Douglas Cairns Photography

Before you start to book Douglas Cairns Photography. 🚦Have a think about whether I'm the photogtapher for you, that's a good question. Firstly have a wee read about me and if we click then GREAT, read on and get in touch 🙂

Fife Wedding Photographer | Douglas Cairns | 10% off - Daisy Duck

Why choose me to photography your wedding ?

About Me

  1. I'm down to earth, open minded and honest (to a fault).
  2. Looking for dad or corny jokes ? That's me in a nutshell. My family don't appreciate my humour....
  3. Let's talk DISNEY, I'm married but would drop her for Daisy Duck in a heartbeat (sorry Lynsay)
  4. I'm more than a photographer, yep I get my hands dirty so to speak (earring fixer, dress fluffer, steamer, champagne popper etc etc etc). I'm there to help (not just take 📸)
  5. Coffee I need ☕️ and lots of it

About YOU

Okay, you've had a quick read about me and you had a laugh and giggle and thought yeah he's my kinda of fun and I'm still thinking I ❤️ this idea and let's work out how to book Douglas Cairns Photography.

Whoa before you do. Hold your horses ! You will need to pass my client test (Kidding) or am I 🤪

Answer me this 👇

  1. Who is your favourite Disney Character ?
  2. Name your favourite Disney Theme Park (bonus points for ride as well)
  3. Are you on the "Highway to Hell" or or "Sweet Child of Mine" train.
  4. Starter OR Pudding OR both ?
  5. Are you a party animal or a Love the moment kinda couple
  6. Pineapple on a pizza (It's a 50 / 50) - It's not a deal breaker but .....
  7. Do you appreciate really cheesy or bad dad jokes ? If not that's fine it's an extra cost for good jokes
  8. Are you looking for a photographer or someone that will help on the day, whether it's making a cup of tea, fixing the dress or helping the groom get his kilt on ?

It's ✅ for Me and ✅ for You - What's the NEXT steps ?

Why Book Douglas Cairns Photography

So I've made it this far and we are a good match that's brilliant 🎉 news. You will want to consider what photography package would like to discuss and provisionally book. Have a gander below at my options and pick your preferred option.

Minnie Mouse

Douglas Cairns Photography | Fife Wedding Photographer
  • Coverage: up to 3 hours
  • Editing of images
  • Online gallery to view, share and download
  • Images in colour and b&w
  • Pre Wedding Catch-up (virtual)

PRICE: £500

Daisy Duck

Douglas Cairns Photography | Fife Wedding Photographer
  • Virtual get together (pre-wedding)
  • Full day coverage (Prep to 1st Dance)
  • Arrival of Guests
  • Ceremony
  • Group Photo
  • Family and Guests
  • Happy Couple
  • Speeches / 1st Dance
  • Around 1000 edited images in colour and b&w
  • Gallery to view online edited images
  • 12x12 cm Wedding Album (20 Pages)

PRICE: £900

Mickey & Friends

  • Everything from Daisy Duck +

PLUS Video Package Includes ​​

  • Multi Camera Coverage 
  • Morning Prep (Venue Only) 
  • Arrival Of Guests, Arrival Of Wedding Parties
  • Pre Ceremony Drinks Reception 
  • Dress Reveal /Reaction Shot 
  • Full Ceremony (2 to 3 cameras) 
  • Filming of Drinks Reception
  • Video Of  Main Photography Shoot
  • Cutting Of The Cake
  • Speeches (2 to 3 cameras) 
  • Guest Video Messages or Drone coverage
  • Arrival of Evening Guests 
  • First Three Dances of Reception (2 cameras)
  • Video Highlights, Video Stills for personal or social media
  • Music Of Your Choice

PRICE: £1800

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