Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to those common questions by Douglas (Photos by DC owner)

How many images do you actually take ?

That’s like asking how long is a piece of string, but in general I will take around 1000 photographs throughout the day.

It varies so might be a few more or could be a few less. It all depends on the day and what I see but I don’t tend to get trigger happy  and hope for the best. You will receive a minimum of 450 of your fully edited wedding photographs that show the ❤️ from your wedding day.

How far do you travel ?

Where is your wedding ? I will travel anywhere (I’ve got a passport and not afraid to use it), seriously though let me know and we can have a chat.

What makes you better than other photographers ?

That’s an easy one, ME 🙂 When you book me, you get me for your booking.  If you like my style and images then I’m the one for you PLUS i’m house trained and easily amused….

Do we really need to feed you ?

If you can “Yes please”, I work really hard and it’s sometimes 8+ hours but i don’t need anything fancy.  If you can’t, just let me know in advance so I can bring my pack lunch box.

What equipment do you use ?

I love to use my professional Canon cameras – 5DS.  They are super flexible and I’ve got mine with battery grips giving me extra time shooting before needing to replace batteries.

A camera is no good with some nice shiny glass (lens) so I’ve got a few different professional lens plus appropriate lighting equipment to photograph your wedding in any weather conditions.

Along with that, I have a variety of professional level lenses as well as extensive lighting equipment to allow me to photograph your wedding regardless of the weather conditions (that is if you don’t mind the weather conditions!) 

Are you insured ?

Absolutely, I wouldn’t be a professional if I didn’t have public liability insurance.

How long will you take photographs for ?

This all depends on what you need, don’t worry as we can sort out the exact timings when we meet to discuss your wedding in more detail. 

I’ll stay until we have everything you want

How much is your booking fee ?

I have one simple booking fee

  • £50 (Low Deposit)

The booking fee is payable within 4 weeks of you confirming that you’d like to book me.  That way I can reserve the spot in diary.  

How do we pay the balance ?

I accept credit/debit cards, PayPal, Cash and Bank Transfers.   Cake is always welcomed and eaten but never deducted from the balance (sorry)

My Wedding Images, What do i do with them ?

That’s simple :-). Anything want except selling them because that’s just wrong.   You are able to use them for your own personal use, so no sharing with friends and family or I’ll “send the boys round” to have a quiet word in their ears (kidding).

Do you work by yourself ?

Most of the time I work by myself but sometimes I’ll have a fellow professional along to give me a helping hand if needed.  

If you are ill, what happens ?

Don’t panic 🙂 The only time I won’t be able to turn up is because I’ve sadly passed away.    I have a great circle of fellow photographers with similar tastes and styles (not as funny as me) but can step in if ever needed.

We are having kids at our wedding, is that an issue ?

Of course not, I love kids…  I have to say that i can only eat them aged 10 + otherwise I get hungry really quickly.  

Kids are an essential part of the wedding day.


How do you unwind in your spare time ?

Are you joking ? I’m self employed and I’ve got a lovely wife, 2 teenage kids plus 2 dogs and a cat.   I’d rather be at work !  Sleep, Eat, Work repeat 🙂 

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