1 - Style

Everyone is unique, so why would all wedding photographers be the same ?

Some styles include: Fine Art, Editorial, Traditional, On the Edge (chic / alternative), Documentary / Reportage or Moody or Light and Airy.   It’s really important to know what style that you are most comfortable with and focus on finding a wedding photographer that suits your style and approach.

For me my style of shooting is most definately “documentary or reportage”, I like to be super laid back and relaxed whilst telling the fun and emotional story from your amazing wedding as it unfolds. I focus on providing candid or natural images which show the raw and real emotions, there is an element of posed photography for the happy couple phototime after the ceremony. I might look to provide some direction  to get you in the best position for the light and backdrop but for the most part though I’ll just be keeping it lowkey with you as we shoot, this way I get the most natural and real stuff.

2 - Shortlist

Once you’ve whittled down the list of potential photographers, don’t forget to use your lifeline, phone a friend or even ask the audience 🙂

Now the fun really begins, you can start thinking about the finer details. Like…

Coverage: How much do you need? If you want prep – first dance, set the times. Consider if getting ready at 8am with the first dance at 8pm is doable. Setting a timetable can really help. Think about your timings and what you really want covered.

Budget: Couples spend hugely varying amounts on their wedding photography. Ultimately it’s up to you what your priority is within your budget. If you find your dream photographer, but they are out of your budget range, why not think about compromising on how much coverage you have? Most photographers offer shorter packages or will take something out of an existing package to make it work for you.

What you want: Do you want an all-singing, all-dancing wedding photography package? Something more tailor-made or in between? Don’t forget things like prints and albums can be purchased elsewhere if your budget is tight. I don’t offer prints and albums as a part of a package, but it is an optional extra and you don’t need to order anything at the time of booking me. You can even order the prints online through your gallery, but you’re under no obligation to do so.

3 - Research

Before you take the next steps, please DO some research:

There are a number of ways to find out more information, such as :

1. Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Instagram etc

2. Website articles and blogs

3. Check with your venue

4. Wedding Fayre’s and Events

Website articles and blogs can be a great resource, just look for a similar style that fits your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for recommendations and experiences at other weddings but just remember that they may have a different style / theme.   Don’t forget to checkout customer reviews to see what clients have said about the prospective photographer.

4 - Get in touch

That’s it 🙂 You’ve got the list down to the final numbers to choose your wedding photographer.

This is the exciting time, I get to meet you (virtually or in person) for the 1st time and hear about your amazing wedding plans, how you both met and if we click as people.

It’s really important when you choose your photographer that you go with your gut with someone you know that you will get on with otherwise it will become a long day !

If you are planning some amazing entertainment such as liontaming or trapeze artists, i definately would love to know about this :-). I’m very informal and down to earth, if you would like to have a quick chat, I’m always up for a coffee and did i say cake ? If we can’t meet in person, no problem – I can setup a teams meeting and we can do video or voice meeting, just remember to wear clothes if you have your camera on 🙂

Try to remember that suppliers get booked up quickly, so whilst it’s important to take your time in your decision, don’t leave too long as they may get booked in that time.

5 - Before you book


You’ve found the one (well you’ve done that already with your engagement) 🙂 but the 2nd one, the wedding photographer for YOU !

🚨 Stop and Breathe 🚨 Take a moment and check the following before confirming the booking and paying the fee to secure the date:

Work Portfolio:

Have a look, do they have a good selection of work on their website, not all portfolio images are actual real clients (some are posing as clients).   All good photographers will show full galleries or provide links on request if asked.


Why wouldn’t you have insurance ? All professionals will but the amateurs might not, please don’t be afraid to ask !


Ask the question, if they have backup equipment. It’s important to know they have the tools for the job and a back up in case their camera stops working, struck by lighting or turns to dust . I have a backup for my backup but do they back their images up? Do they keep copies of your images after they have given them to you?

What if they are ill?

Check they have something in place. I have network of photographers I would happily call upon.

Contract: You need to have a signed contract with your photographer. This protects both parties and is a must. You should read through it carefully as you are agreeing to all points when you sign. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure of anything.

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