Chelby & Bex | Gilvenbank Hotel

27th May 2023

Chelby & Bex

Gilvenbank hotel, glenrothes

Wow ! This was the first wedding of 2023 for me 🙂 I'm super excited that after a wee break i was back photographing weddings.

I was delighted to be invited by Chelby & Bex to be their wedding photographer for their special day at the Gilvenbank Hotel in Glenrothes.

What a day we had ! The sun was ooooot ☀☀ and the weather was wonderful. It's not my first time at this venue but the team here are simply outstanding and make you feel at home and at ease. Everyone is so well looked after (thanks Liam and Stewart).

I'm also now in love ♥♥♥♥♥♥ with Bella (she is coming to stay with me). Such as good girl and was so well behaved 🐶

The day began well with guests arriving and enjoying the sunshine whilst waiting for the brides to arrive. Even the celebrant seemed to be enjoying the weather a bit too much as they were delayed ! Ooops but they made up time and it was a wonderful ceremony filled with love, laughter and tears of joy. We had a blast and I stayed for a while to have a quick boogie on the dance floor but hit stage left before the karaoke started (no one wants to hear me scream).


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