About Me

It all started around ten years ago on a family holiday to Spain.

It started off with the usual tourist pictures but soon became so much more, looking to capture fantastic landmarks and exquisite landscapes from a different and unique perspective.

Being into tech helped in my first few years starting out into photography, I used the time in learning about the technical elements, used every spare pound to reinvest into my equipment. I’ve definitely annoyed my wife with my purchases over the years but the hard work is now paying off.   I knew that photographing weddings and people was for me from the outset.


Brief overview of my technical skills behind the camera

Photography Skills
People Skills
Photoshop / Lightroom


About me and my experience as a wedding photographer

Work Experience

With a wealth of experience I photograph around 25-35 weddings per year, this allows me to focus on each client and their special day to ensure that the very best service is provided.  I take great care and always go above and beyond for each client to make sure sure their photography needs are met and exceeded.

People Skills

Being friendly and engaging I always put people at ease, I draw on years of experience with customer and client management to ensure that everyone is comfortable and forgets i’m there 🙂  I’m also good with kids, although I couldn’t eat a whole one !

Calm is Key

With my years of experience in people management and photographing weddings, I am able to deal with any circumstances that may occur.


Focus and Multi-tasking

As a wedding photographer, a key attribute is being able to manage a multiple number of tasks at the sametime. I need to be aware of what’s happening around and in front of me at all times.


Email: info@douglascairnsphotography.co.uk
Phone: 07577 916295

In my spare time (what’s that ?) I love spending time with the family, visiting Airshows with my oldest child and taking my dogs for a walk. Photography is a passion for me in both my work and personal lives. I love to travel and visiting new places is a wonderful thing and I am blessed that my job takes me to different places and of course meet new people and make some awesome friends along the way.

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